Thursday, January 28, 2016

Farmgirl Charm Finds

My recent Thrift finds have kept to a theme. Perfect for my little farmgirl charm home. All these goodies came to about $20. Doesn't take much to make this girl happy. I adore the polka dotted gingham chicken. She is meant to be placed over a basket of warm rolls. Flip up her wing to grab the rolls out...So cute! The green calico contraption would be great for a potluck dish or a stack of plates for a picnic. I also found some linens. A darling vintage floral table cloth and some linen towels which may get turned into pillows for the shop. 
And don't you love the daring yellow watering can I found!? 

The lil chicken! What can I say...She was too adorable for me to leave behind. I believe she is an egg cup, but can be used as a dish to hold doo dads and what not's. Lastly the vintage reproduction printed cylinder boxes will be perfect for storing things in weather in the kitchen or my sewing room. Containers are great to have around for storage etc....
 Even putting some flowers in them would be sweet!


  1. Love it all and can't wait to see what's in your shop.
    Many people are going to love your shop. I know I do and have always loved you talent. You are the warmest most loving person I know Mica. I always enjoy your blog and I am sure others do too. It is a pleasure to see your beautiful photography and hear about all the things you do for you family and see your daughter grow up and your hubby grow as a Pastor. He is so dedicated to his family and our Lord and I have seen the struggles you all went through to get to where you are today and I admire that. You guys made it and I can't wait to see what the Lord has in store for you next but I am sure it is going to be wonderful.
    Never stop being you Mica. You are the reason I learned digital art and blogging and trading ATC's. You are a great inspiration in many things for many people.

  2. I love the little chicken dish!!