Monday, January 18, 2016

My Heart Breaks

My heart is breaking for our daughter. We moved here thinking we would be able to finish out her high school years with this great group of girls which became the greatest of friends this last year 1/2. It is so unfortunate that we go through things unforeseen, things that are hard for a young girl to understand fully.  But for her....Her whole world is crashing down. We have been dealing with the grief of having to leave her friends behind. She has been filled with tears yet trying to stay brave and face our move next month. There's nothing I can do to console her or make it better at this time except to keep telling her it's all going to be alright. We need to trust God. He has a better plan for us. But the pain and heartache is still there and it kills me inside to see her hurt like this. I wish this all didn't have to happen to us. I hope that one day she will understand that this all was best for our family and our well being. I wish we could take all her friends along with us. But we can't. I know in my heart of hearts she will be okay and she will thrive wherever we go. This girl has the sweetest disposition and is a great friend. Who wouldn't want that from someone? I pray she will make new friends and someday she will have a boyfriend and she will put all the pain she is in behind her. But for now her heart is breaking and my heart breaks for hers.

These girls have been the best thing for her. 
They will all be missed so very much!
I know our lives can be busy but could you, would you say a prayer for my girl as we go through this experience and transition. That would really make my heart glad! Thank you all!

P.S Sorry for the quality of pictures. These were all off my girls cell phone;)

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