Thursday, January 14, 2016

3 Farmgirl Valentine Ideas

Valentines Day is just one month away. I'm sharing three more Valentine gifts farmgirl style. I know I am a bit early but....I am starting to pack up our house and won't have time to share this in February. I put these Valentines together at very little cost...Which is also nice for the ole' pocketbook. Hope you enjoy these ideas an perhaps do them yourself and give to loved ones!

~The Berry Basket~

The first Valentine I call the Berry Basket. I found the berry baskets at the craft store. Then I went to The Dollar Tree,  I found red and white checked gingham wrappers and picked out candies that were berry like. Place the paper in the basket then fill two cellophane bags of cherry balls and raspberry gumdrops then add some individual wrapped strawberry and cherry hard candies. wrap the bags tied with red raffia also found at the Dollar Tree. I also made a little flag from a paper straw and washi tape and added a vintage price card and canning tag.

~Little Buckets Of Love For The Littles~

The second Valentine was also put together using Dollar Tree items. I found a package of three mini white buckets a package of plastic farm animals and a package of heart shaped chocolates. First place some gift tissue in the mini bucket, add in candy and one small farm animal. Wrap a small piece of raffia in a bow around handle. I made little part flags using toothpicks and washi tape, then added a small piece of floral washi tape on the bucket for added charm! 
The Littles will surely smile from ear to ear with this special treat!

The Last Valentine Gift I call:

~Farmgirl Bucket~

I found these galvanized buckets at Hobby Lobby and filled it with candy I picked up from The Dollar Tree. Place gift tissue paper in bucket first, then add candies. I used Cow Tales, Tootsie Pops and Cherry balls. I wrapped the cherry balls in a cellophane bag and tied raffia around that. I added a farm cow toy and a tag to each bucket! Sweet Farmgirl charm...

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Happy Making!!!


  1. Those are all great, and I especially like the addition of the toy cow to the "udderly sweet" one! So cute!