Saturday, January 9, 2016


We had a fun weekend out and about. Ran some errands, got some things from the farmer's market, fed farm animals some carrots, visited the Garlic Shoppe and bought a few jars of garlic goodness. Mr. Darling also took me to the thrift shop where I found a few goodies! We figured since our life is about to be uprooted once again, that we should go to a few places around town that we haven't visited yet. There's a few more things we will see and experience before our move in February. My favorite part of the weekend was witnessing Mr. Darling feed his very first cow. It was like watching a little boy with the biggest smile and dimples you ever did see! 

P.S Art prints by Katie Daisy
The Wheat Field on Etsy


  1. Great photos Mica! Looks like you had a good day and I am so happy to hear you are getting out. I know this all must be so stressful for you all. God has a good plan for your future and I pray everyday that he makes it happen soon.
    Love you

  2. I'm glad you had some time together enjoying your area. Looks like a lot of cute farm stands to enjoy. May you be blessed in your next stage of life's adventure!

    1. thank you for the sweet comment. We are saddened to have to move but trust we will have a place to go hopefully sooner than later!