Sunday, November 8, 2015


Since I am starting over with this new blog there was one thing I wanted to bring over from my old blog and continue as a series each week. Every Tuesday we will talk over tea. I hope you will enjoy this series as I also share my crazy mug/tea cup collection with you....
Here are some pictures of past teatime chats. 

Be sure to join me on Tuesdays over a
 nice cup of tea and a chat. See you then!

Love, The Freckled Farmgirl


  1. Yay, I enjoy your Tuesday Teatime series! ❤️

    1. thank you Nadine!!!! Thanks for being my friend! Hey, I miss seeing your posts. Are you going to blog again? Or are you doe with it? lol...Hope not...I love your blog! Hugs...xoxox