Sunday, November 15, 2015

Goat Hill Fair

My partner in crime and I went to Goat Hill Fair over the weekend. We had a nice afternoon roaming through two huge buildings of goodness. There were so many vintage vendors with a packed house...we could barely see it all due to the crowded nature...It was crazy! But we did enjoy looking at what goodies we could see... SJ found a couple embroidered Christmas table top cloths for her home...And I left with two vintage price markers that were used in markets many years ago. I spent a whole dollar. I know, I know I am a big spender. Lol. There were a couple things I had on my mind to go back for and did go back for one item...Sadly I missed out on it...Shows you when you see something you like you better snatch it up at these shows...It will be gone! 

I especially loved the booths with kitschy vintage stuff...I passed on buying more Christmas stuff since...I have a ton of it already! And I find my stuff in Thrift Shops anyways. Which I usually buy for the fraction of the cost these vendors were charging.
 I still admired all the fun items though. I just love looking at it.

It did give me a bit of inspiration to work on some fun stuff...Perhaps get back into creating. I ran into an Artist friend Colleen Moody, who had a booth set up with her gorgeous creations and she encouraged me to keep creating too! It was great seeing her again! 
It was a god day at Goat Hill...Hope to go back in the Spring!


  1. What fun! I am wanting to visit the antique stores in Snohomish soon, as I know they are probably all decked out with Christmas goodies!

  2. I want to go with you in the spring!!! So fun!

  3. Looks like lots of fun
    I see so many goodies!