Monday, November 9, 2015

A Quilted Friendship

Meet my friend Eva. We met her and her husband about three years ago when we first moved north. They were the first couple that opened their home to us and had us over for a meal and made us feel welcomed. We have from then felt only warmth and love from this couple. Our first visit to their home was delightful. Eva shared with me the beautiful quilts she made. Every one of them are beautiful. I was in awe of her work....And yes, I wished to have one of those quilts. We talked about our love of quilts and old things. She brought me into her spare bedroom and offered me two old beautiful silver platters which belonged to her mother who at the time recently passed away. I was honored that someone who didn't know me that well would offer something like that from her mother. Shortly after that she gifted me with a bunch of kitschy things from the 40's-50's that also belonged to her mother and a couple pieces that belonged to her husband's mother. I accepted the treasures and to this day enjoy them in my home.

We have met for lunch, gone out antiquing and have shared many meals in our homes over the past several years. As each quilt piece in this life is being made our quilted friendship grows. We have moved a little further from them and no longer attend the same church..But nice to know that the friendship is still being stitched. We have made a pact to get together more often than we have the past 8 months. That will be nice. They called us the other day and said they were coming down for a visit and attend church with us..It was a sweet surprise! We also had them over to share a meal and a bit of fellowship as she presented me a large bag. Inside was a beautiful quilt she had been working on for many months...For me! She used 30's repro fabrics filled with lot's of color and many fun prints...I just can't believe she made it just for me. I am so blessed to own this gorgeous quilt made by her hands. This quilt will forever be cherished as will our quilted friendship.

Love, The Freckled Farmgirl

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