Sunday, May 8, 2016

Mother's Day 2016

The first salad I made is from 
The Pioneer Woman...So good!

The second salad is a broccoli pasta salad and was really yummy....
I would definitely make this again.

For the drink I made this Apple Julep...It is quite tasty ans refreshing! 

Lastly I made these sweet cookies! Strawberry Lemonade Crinkles...They are listed as a Valentine cookie...However, I beg to differ...These little delights are good for anytime!

This year...I got to spend Mother's Day with both my kids!!! Our son flew out from Washington for a long weekend with us. It has been so great to have our boy home even for a few days...Even though it was wayyyy to short of a visit...But one of the best yet! We just kicked back as a family and our friends, played pool, went shopping, had lunch out, went to a coffee shop, talked,
 relaxed and spent Mother's Day together eating great food! I am blessed and full of joy...
But don't want him to go back. My kids are the world to me...
I am honored to be their Momma!

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  1. This was a great post and what a beautiful family! Oh and you are my super farmgirl with the cool mugs! I received two mugs also! Happy Mother's Day! Wonderful post!