Friday, May 20, 2016

Field Trip To Andy's Orchard

Today my girl and I took a little field trip to a local orchard down the street. I love supporting local farmers because you can count on their goods to be fresh, which is as real as it gets straight from their farm to me directly. I also like supporting the local farmer to help them out giving them a better return for their produce and gives them a fighting chance while they have to compete with food marketplaces and today's globalized economy. It brings me great joy to have the freshest produce and goods as I possibly can get for my family.

The prices are worth it knowing that each particular farm works hard at what they produce. It's worth the extra cost to be able to bring farm to table. Literally!

We brought home some local apple juice, chocolate covered cherries 
and fresh picked peaches oh my! I will go back to get a bit more fruit later next week and will be visiting our local Farmer's Market this weekend to get my produce and eggs. I encourage you to buy local too if you can. Help out your local farmer!!! You will be so happy you did!!!

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  1. Lets see... I will take a peck of peaches, four candy sticks and a box of cherries for a homemade pie. Great photos. Love that tractor and scale! What a fun field trip you had!