Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Chicken Scratch

I thought I'd pop in and say hello...I was away for the last week and thought 
I would share some current happenings with y'all!

I have been working on little things like the clothesline basket and these fun dish scrubbers I crocheted from cotton and natural hemp. I am also going to be bartering some with a fellow farmgirl for some of her homemade jams. Last week I had morning tea with a friend while chatting over stitching and and felting. I made the little piggy in the first picture....She turned out so cute!

My recent barters came in the post this last week...Check out this darling crocheted hen and egg hot pad set! She also sent a cute crochet cup cozie and fabrics.
 In return she wanted soap and a salve I made. 

I also received this awesome package from Farngirl Whimsy in Maine. She sent two container of dried calendula. calendula oil, comfrey oil. two containers of fresh mint tea, a container of her bee hives honey comb and honey and two little local Maine bottles full of Maple Syrup!
 Everything is awesome!!! In return I sent three different slaves, soaps, and scrubs. Bartering has been really fun...the only part that stinks a bit is the cost to ship something, No matter, it is still fun!

Here are my latest reads....Also wanted to share the newest issue of Mary Jane's Farm is filled with chickens and eggs...There is also a new magazine out called Living The Country Life....EEEP great stuff in both these magazines. Lastly, we are getting excited for my girls school dance this Saturday which will be held at Emma Prusch Farm...They will be having a barn/square dance. Her last day of school is this week too! Can't believe how quickly this year has passed by...Yet in so many ways I am so glad there is much of the bad stuff behind us. We are mending well and moving on. 

Here's to a great week ahead! Come on back ya hear!!!!

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  1. Awesome trades and I love that basket you are making!