Monday, May 23, 2016

Chicken Scratch 5/23/16

I know it has been some time as I have been refining my little business and my personal life...Many of you know I started this blog just about six months ago from a blog I kept since 2007. Check Frolicking Freckles if your interested in past posts etc. I left that blog for new beginnings, leaving some hard times behind me and having to protect myself and my family from some difficult stuff. Six months have passed and we have healed from much hurt and pain. I am still not completely safe here since my new blog was found and yes, it is public...So knowing this I will not allow anyone to steal my joy, or my freedom to blog about things I love and to share real life stuff. I just have to learn to go on and cope with it...And I'm ok with it now.

 I just hope this blog is an inspiration to y'all.
It has been a while since I used to sell vintage and handmade items on Etsy due to life stuff...But now I have finally found a spark that has inspired me to start creating and selling again. It's a slow go, hence we are living in a temporary place, unsure as when and where we will go. But while we are here, I am creating and prepping for my Farmgirl Freckles shop. And will continue to do so as much as possible. I designed some labels for jars and containers...And so thrilled with how they look. Can't wait to fill them with homemade, homegrown, homespun goodness.

I have been drying out dandelions for product and making Eco friendly 100% wool dryer balls from these lovely skeins of wool. I am also working on hemp kitchen srubbies and vintage up-cycled sheet potholders. I continue to work on salves, scrubs and soaks as well as handmade face scrubbies. I made a list of ideas for more items like zippered pouches, bags and more.....I hope to open this Summer sometime! If not it will be Fall....I'll keep y'all posted!

Check out these funny vintage mugs I found thrifting! 
I couldn't resist. So cute!!!


  1. Oh I love the labels! I even have a Thursday trade this week! Let me know if I can help you in any way with your business.

  2. Dear Mica, I wish you and your family everything good! Go on with your projects and your lovely lifestyle. This way you bless your house and others and us, far readers, being such an inspiration. God keep blessing you!

  3. I am so glad you all are healing. You are very talented and am thrilled you are getting back to your account. Blessings from San Diego

  4. Looks great! So glad you and your family are healing, I look forward to hearing more as you get back in the groove!