Friday, May 27, 2016

Farmhouse Finds & Barters

A lot of my finds for my home has been thrifted. I love the hunt and the the bargain. I have found some of the cutest things for our home through frugal shopping, as well as very useful items for our home, and saved so much money buying second hand. My recent find was this lil vintage pig creamer. Not that I needed it...But dang it was cute and for a buck...He had to come home with me. And look how cute it is filled with flowers. Other ways I save money is buying items from stores like TJ Maxx or Ross. I have found a lot of my essential oils, kitchen items, bath and home goods for a fraction of the cost. Recently I have decided to buy some better quality cookware for our kitchen/cooking...I have used second hand or cheap cookware for years...

A lot of times buying cheap isn't necessarily the best choice... I consider cheap cookware to be disposable. I am glad I finally decided to buy quality cookware because it will last so much longer (probably forever) and pay itself off many times over. I will also buy some vintage pieces as well because let's face it...They just don't make most stuff like they used too....Most vintage cookware lasts forever! Some of my favorites are collecting Pyrex dishes, Cast Iron, and enamelware. 

I was thrilled to find this Tala Large Enamelware roaster made in England at TJ Maxx.....It is so well made, heavy and beautiful. The awesome thing was getting a great bargain for it. This very piece is sold in the UK for about $80.00-$100.00...TJ Maxx had it priced for $40.00...But guess what? It was on clearance!!! I ended up getting it for $30.00! I am so excited!  just can't wait to make suppers in it! This baby is going to get a lot of use in our kitchen!

Lastly I recently received two more barters from a couple ladies. Both barters came from Virginia. I am so thrilled with getting five jars of jams...Since I may not get to can much this Summer due to our temporary living situation. I don't want to can a bunch of food and end up moving with it, fearing they would break etc....I am so blessed to have received the jam, which my family will enjoy. In return I am sending her five of the crocheted hemp dish scrubbies, which she asked for. 

 I also received a big bag of homemade loose chamomile mint tea...MMM MMM...If you know me, I love tea! In return I sent her a couple of my weaved potholders. Bartering is a great way to meet others that are like minded and the items your barter are extra special because it's something made by their own hands in their home. It has been a fun & rewarding experience so far! 

Happy Friday y'all....Come on back ya hear!

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