Monday, May 9, 2016

Chicken Scratch & Brown Chicken Brown Cow

Well our boy flew home this morning...(sigh) it was a short but sweet visit with him...Probably will be another year before we see him again. We are so proud of him for what he is doing in his life and trying to make it in this world on his own. We just miss him terribly! We took a few pictures before he left...Had to capture the "quilt picture" Almost every year we have captured a picture of them lying on their backs looking up at me. It has shown how much they have grown up. I miss him already!!!
On the way home from dropping our boy off at the airport we went window shopping in an old part of a nearby town and had a sweet lunch at Brown Chicken Brown Cow.

They served their drinks in Mason jars, their food on pie tins and fries in lil buckets. My kind of place. The food was amazzzzing...Fresh grass-fed beef and pasture raised chickens. Mr. Darling ordered a burger called The angry Goat cheeseburger....Grass fed beef patty with veggies, jalapenos and topped with Goat cheese...t was delightful. Freckles and I got gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches made with sharp cheddar, almond pesto and tomato...Boy, was it flavorful!

The happiest spot there was the darling artwork from kids that come to the restaurant...Colorful cows and chickens adorn their hallway from floor to ceiling! It was a fun afternoon. Afterwards we stopped at a thrift shop for a quick looksie...I found four old jars, which came home with us.
 I'd say it was a good day indeed!

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  1. Oh my son is just starting highschool next year and I will be a blubber mom when he goes to Scout camp for a week. Yet, it must be a good feeling to see your son doing so well and my goodness you have a beautiful family! You meal out was also a pleasure to read! By the way, your husband looks like a Christian author that I like to read named Philip Gulley! He has a great book called, Front Porch Tales! I have some mason jars, I think I will drink out of one today in honor of you and all things good!