Sunday, November 13, 2016

The Big Chill

Autumn is almost coming to an end. It is hard to believe it's almost over. Winter is fast approaching already. We had our first big chill frost this last Friday night. And a couple evenings got down to the upper 20 degrees. It is beautiful here in Indiana. It really has been a treat to see seasons change after being in California. I think we are pretty prepared for Winter coming here, since we did spend over ten years in Washington. I am however curious to know if the Winters differ from each other. Like is it colder and icier here and cold and wet there? I guess we will see.

I have been capturing some of the beauty and scenes from recent days. Here on the homestead and our drive to the city. The leaves are all falling off making the trees look hauntingly bare. Yet there really is a beauty to it...I bet snow atop the branches and on the ground is a breathtaking sight. Surely not any fun to have to drive through...But magically beautiful to see with your eyes. It is God's wondrous creation that puts me in utter awe...Each season has something amazing to see. I am a visual I really appreciate my view.

The last photo is on our property after the first frost...The morning is foggy as the frost glistens like stars all over the ground. The beautiful sights we are blessed by just through our window and a sweet deer frolicking through our homestead. truly breathtaking!!! Can you see her just past the clothesline toward the right? Her babies were out there too! Four gorgeous beasts playing in our yard! I look forward to many more sightings!

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