Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Chicken Scratch

I don't have a lot to say this week. It has flown by like the wind. It's hard to believe it is almost the end of the week already, Over the weekend we hosted a few young families for dinner and fellowship. I went to the thrift shop & antique shop and found a few goodies. I got a big old door with window in it which will be put in between our kitchen and my studio as a sliding barn door. I also found an old pitch rake, and a big print of American Gothic framed in barn wood. EEEP!!!

So happy and relieved that the election is finally over. I am really just praying for this country and it's well being. Considering the choices we had, I am content with the winner of the election. Yet, I always keep in the forefront of my mind not to put my trust in man...My trust and hope is in God. We must also remember that man is not perfect and our new president will not be perfect, He is simply just a man. I pray he will be able to at least attempt to clean up the messes that have been made, but feel not even he will be able to accomplish it all..It's going to take more than four years to clean up what has been destroyed. Pray for him and our country!!!

I have also been enjoying a bit of Autumn cooking. I had shared a few recipes for some yummy cast iron skillet suppers I made this last week. The other day I made a lovely roasted butternut squash & apple soup which was pretty darn yummy! I used the butternut squash from our farmer friend...and of course other fresh ingredients too...Oh yum!!!

Can you believe that Thanksgiving is just two weeks away already!!??? I need to start planning out my menu. Plus we are celebrating my dear Mr. Darling's birthday the day before. Then we will pull out our Christmas boxes!!!! Who's ready???


  1. This is my first time to your blog and I love it! Wonderful photos! I will be back again :) P.S. I found you through "girl gab".

  2. It all looks so good. Great find at the antique store!