Thursday, November 24, 2016

So Thankful

It was a blessed Thanksgiving this year spent with my two sweeties and a few church family members that joined us. This year we opened our home to our church family who also don't have family in the area. I am blessed we could bless them and thankful for these loving Saints. I cooked all afternoon enjoying the awesome scents of Autumn. Our supper was delicious. Also so thankful that everyone brought something to add to the table.

Our family tradition every Thanksgiving is to write down a few things we are thankful for and share them around the table. It's a nice way to share and converse with your family/friends. I love hearing all the thanksgivings & stories. It's such a sweet way to make memories too!

Though it was a delightful Thanksgiving...There was something missing in our family. It was our son & his girlfriend. He couldn't get off work for Thanksgiving as well as Christmas...So another year goes by without him sharing it with us under our roof. This momma misses him so very much. They did however spend Thanksgiving with my dad this year...
So I am glad they had family to share it with. 
I do hope ya'll had a wonderful Thanksgiving with your friends and family this year! Now it's time to pack away all the Autumn goodness and get out Christmas goodies!!!! EEEEEP....
Christmas is my favorite!!!!!

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  1. I'm so glad you could celebrate with friends and family! Looks like a wonderful time! I know what its like to miss a child on important holidays. Even though I have 8 around here, my oldest is living in Hawaii with her husband and little ones. We miss them so much. It always feels like someone is missing! But Skype helps!