Monday, February 8, 2016

Tuesday Teatime~ Valentine Cards

Today I'm enjoying a nice cup of Chocolate Super Berry Burst Tea that my parents sent me for Christmas. It is quite yummy along with a couple little heart chocolates. I was thinking back to my childhood elementary school days when Valentines day would roll around. We would have the big classroom party with treats and made special Valentine boxes for classmates to deliver Valentines for you. It was always a bustle running around the room
 and filling the boxes with our stacks of cards and goodies. 

Then the teacher would give everyone time during the party to look through the box of Valentines while eating goodies. The girls looked out for the Valentines from the boys...Would  the card have "Love" written on it and if it did, the girls would giggle. 
The best Valentine would be from your best friends. 

My kids enjoyed their elementary days passing out Valentine cards to their friends too. We would have parties at home and decorate cookies. These are surely sweet memories I will always cherish with my kids. Funny little traditions we keep. Now that they are older, I still give them a Valentine card with goodies. Someday they will probably do the same for their little ones when they have families of their own. I found this picture of my girl seven years ago with her homemade Valentine box while at a Valentines homeschool party. Such precious moments.

I wish I would have thought to keep my childhood Valentine cards...I just love the illustrations and style they used to be made in. They don't make them like they used too!So I started collecting old vintage Valentine cards to use in decor etc...during the holiday. I especially love looking at the written names on the back...Sweet cards given by their friends long ago. So darling!

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