Tuesday, February 23, 2016

My Take On Farmgirl Fashion~ Dare To Be Different

From as long as I can remember I always felt a little different. I am the artsy daydreamer, perhaps a little flighty at times and very much an introvert, I have always been the quiet, shy one, the quirky girl who felt like she never fit into a mold or group. From my younger years I liked to dress differently than everyone else, I wasn't one to follow the mainstream fads and fashions for the most part. In high school I carried a painted tool box to school as a purse. Yes, very different and no one had one but me! I still have that side to me...I like to dress a little different that your average person. I just like having my own individual style that isn't quite like everyone else...You even see that in my home. I do however dress for comfort...I am not one that has to buy name brands or wear fancy jewelry etc.... I am cool with buying from the clearance racks or thrift stores...Then I am able to mix and match together what I feel comfortable in...Still giving me a little pizzazz and feeling pretty for my dear husband. The main staples I keep are assorted jeans, black pants and a couple leggings, plaids, gingham, floral, lace tops knit tops, cardies and graphic t-shirts. I love slip on and go shoes in colors or prints, Mary Jane's are a must and a good pair of sneakers.

I have an array of jeans in different shades of blue and styles down to my favorite boyfriend style jeans with rips. I can wear some of the jeans straight legged or folded up, mixing up the shoes to coordinate with the tops. I layer plaid with floral & lace scarves...Or plaid with a graphic tee underneath. I layer lace on lace, plaid or printed button ups with lace tops. Or lace tops with jean button up shirt or cardies. And yes I have been known to wear vintage smock aprons out and about. I'm also the crazy lady walking around with a rubber chicken purse, which has been a hit and great conversation starters with people in town.

Nothing fancy but I like it. I call it my farmgirl wear. 
Dare to be different and be comfortable in your skin!


  1. I love your style, my beautiful friend! ♥

  2. Yes, you and I would be best of friends! I love your fun, quirky style!
    Elise(nestsweetnest on Instagram)

  3. You've got a cute, sassy, farmgirl style that I dig!