Saturday, February 20, 2016


One more week in this house. Still a bit saddened that we have to leave the little place we called home for the last year, but I am reminded by the word...Currently we are sojourners on earth, we do not belong to this world and Christ will deliver us from this present age. We are children of God, heirs of Christ. Therefore, the sufferings of this present earth are not worthy to be compared with the future glory in our heavenly home. There will come a time when we should forget the things in this earthly life. This is comforting to my soul. This earthly home is only temporary. Why do we get so attached to it? I guess it is because, humanly, that is all we know...It brings a sort of comfort knowing you are together with loved ones under one roof. Moving around is not easy for most. I have prayed hard for God to open my eyes to the fact I am a sojourner here. To trust Him in the moves we make while we are here and to know these are but temporary homes, and to be content with all that comes my way. I have prayed that He would take those anxieties away from me. I truly believe that the last few months have been an eye opener and revealed to me this home here on earth is but a fragment of what is to come. He has revealed to me, to make the best of this life with all opportunities and situations He sets before us. I feel more at peace knowing this truth.

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