Friday, March 24, 2017

Fun Finds This Week

Ok so I love thrifting...This week I went out treasure hunting for things I like or things I will add to Farmgirl Freckles inventory. I found goodies for great prices... There are a few things I will not part with...Like the adorable hanging chalkware cherry, the green cow bell and the purple cow.

I will probably keep the cookie cutters as well, because heck, why not they are cute! And I am also keeping the lil sewing basket to add to my collection. This one is the smallest one I have so far!

Hope y'all have a good ole' weekend!
 Looks like we will be getting some warmer weather 
this weekend and week ahead!!! Yay!!!!!!

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Wash Day

Our washer finally got replaced last week...What a luxury we have in washing machines and dryers. Especially when you can have them in your home. It is no fun having to tote all your laundry outside the home whether at a laundry mat or taking it over to a friend or family to wash. I was very blessed to have friends allow us to come over for a week and a half to do our laundry...But boy do I love having our own washer and dryer in the convenience of our home. When weather's nice to dry the clothes on a line in the sun, not that I have to hang them outside but because I want to. It also gives me a chance to use my clothespin bags!!!!

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Bisque It Pottery Studio

Last week we had a girls day out at Bisque It Pottery Studio. It was fun getting together with the girls and painting for a few hours. My daughter did a mug, our friends made a little carrier and a yarn bowl and I made a chicken feeder candy container.

They will be fired and ready to pick up next week...
Can't wait to see them in vibrant colors. We will definitely go again!

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Hello...Spring, Where Are You?

This last week was cold, gloomy, rainy, icy ans snowy...Can't quite get the garden started in these freezing temperatures. Where oh where are you Spring? It is still quite beautiful around here, though I am looking forward to my favorite weather!!! How about you?

Monday, March 13, 2017

Chicken Scratch~ Country Mouse Goes To The City

My girl has been making many friends here in Indiana...It's really beginning to feel like home here. It's been such a blessing...She has been going out on girl dates with her friends to the city (Fort Wayne), shopping at the malls, getting coffee, seeing plays, going to the movies, getting lunches, trying out new restaurants like The Hoppy Gnome and The Yummi Bunni for dessert. Climbing flights of stairs to reach the top of old buildings and taking pictures of each other. She is having the greatest adventures. I'm so happy she is fitting in here. It blesses this Momma's heart!

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Chicken Scratch~ Got A Little Behind

Catching up to life around the ole' homestead. Almost Spring cleaning, sewing, sorting, organizing etc... Our washer broke so have had to take our clothes to a friends house for the past two weeks. Thankfully we could do it there while we wait for the new washer to be delivered this week. The things we may take for granted! I love having a washer and dryer  and so thankful we don't have to tote everything to a laundry mat. We are also picking up our garden gate and the lumber for our garden boxes. We have already passed one week this March already and I'm feeling like we are so behind. Our church family had five deaths the past couple weeks, we've been driving back and forth to the city for classes and theater, bible study and other meetings, plus a baby shower this weekend. 

Yet, I did manage to sew up the other two sugar bag totes...I just need to add the shoulder straps...
Then they will be ready to sell. I am also sewing up another Kelly Flour bag and more designs to come..We are also planning/ prepping for The Farmers Market in town this coming this May. My daughter decided she wanted to sell her baked goods, so we are going to plan on her getting her own space. She will be baking with organic and local farm goods such as eggs, butter, milk and honey. She plans to use lavender, lemons and honey in her goodies. We've already started taste testing...She is bringing some goods to her theater group for taste testing & feedback from friends as well. Now to decide on her lil shop name. We thought this would be fun for the both of us to do the Farmer's Market together...Can't wait to do this with her! Plus hoping I can find a crafty venue this Summer to sell my Farmgirl Freckles goods. Well, I best be going, I have stuff to do...LOL