Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Chicken Scratch~ Got A Little Behind

Catching up to life around the ole' homestead. Almost Spring cleaning, sewing, sorting, organizing etc... Our washer broke so have had to take our clothes to a friends house for the past two weeks. Thankfully we could do it there while we wait for the new washer to be delivered this week. The things we may take for granted! I love having a washer and dryer  and so thankful we don't have to tote everything to a laundry mat. We are also picking up our garden gate and the lumber for our garden boxes. We have already passed one week this March already and I'm feeling like we are so behind. Our church family had five deaths the past couple weeks, we've been driving back and forth to the city for classes and theater, bible study and other meetings, plus a baby shower this weekend. 

Yet, I did manage to sew up the other two sugar bag totes...I just need to add the shoulder straps...
Then they will be ready to sell. I am also sewing up another Kelly Flour bag and more designs to come..We are also planning/ prepping for The Farmers Market in town this coming this May. My daughter decided she wanted to sell her baked goods, so we are going to plan on her getting her own space. She will be baking with organic and local farm goods such as eggs, butter, milk and honey. She plans to use lavender, lemons and honey in her goodies. We've already started taste testing...She is bringing some goods to her theater group for taste testing & feedback from friends as well. Now to decide on her lil shop name. We thought this would be fun for the both of us to do the Farmer's Market together...Can't wait to do this with her! Plus hoping I can find a crafty venue this Summer to sell my Farmgirl Freckles goods. Well, I best be going, I have stuff to do...LOL

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  1. Such cute totes you are making with those vintage sugar labels and vintage looking fabrics. You have a great eye for what looks pretty together! Hope your water and dryer arrive soon. Yes, it is a huge surprise how frustrating it can be when they break and we have to rely on others of the laundry mat.