Saturday, March 4, 2017

Farmgirl Charm

My Thrifting finds have been good lately! I found these beautiful colorful bowels with flowers and fruit. These are so lovely and perfect for a colorful farmhouse. I will probably hold on to these and resell down the line. Yet, I am very tempted to keep the green one with flowers!

I also found this sweet pair of salt and pepper shakers. I am smitten with them...The cool thing is they were on sale and I ended up paying a whopping 50 cents!!! 

I found some fabrics, little linen aprons and funky colorful quilts. I will be using the fabrics in upcoming goodies and hold on to the quilts for resale as well. My dream is to be a part of a vintage show or something of the sort. I have been collected things for the past several years for that purpose. It just takes time....Plus need to find a good venue.

Be on the lookout for more goodies coming out of my studio...I am a bit behind due to several deaths in our church family this last week. But hopefully will be back on track this coming week ahead!


  1. You did find the most perfect vintage bowls and s/p shakers! It is hard to hit a place at the right time to find wonderful treasures. You have been on a roll lately!