Monday, April 17, 2017

Spring Is In The Air

Spring is in the air! The trees and flowers are blooming around here...And the birds are building nests and laying their eggs. We are so blessed to have this darling Momma Robin on our back porch doing her thing. She sings during the day and sits on her beautiful blue eggs. It's such a treat to watch right outside our window. I took a quick picture while momma bird was out singing and getting herself a meal. There are four brilliant little perfect eggs! Can't wait to see their lil heads popping up from the nest soon. I won't get too close when that happens...So i don't scare the babes out of their nest. I did that many years ago and couldn't get the babies to stay in the nest afterward. They were not ready to go. I placed them back in the nest but they plopped out again. I felt horrible. And their momma was quite upset. Lesson learned: Don't mess with God's lil creation.

Spring in ultimately my favorite season of all time. Everything begins to bloom so beautifully. It just goes by so fast! We also decided not to rush on the garden this year as we had planned. We have to wait for some possibilities in our future, so we are holding off. Until next time friends! See y'all soon!

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  1. What fun Spring photos . . . you must truly enjoy walking your yard with your camera. Isn't Spring wonderful :)