Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Fire & Light Productions: Oliver Twist~ 100 Dresses & Anne Of Green Gables

I was blessed to be asked once again to take pictures of the kids in my daughters acting troupe. We have three plays coming up next week. My daughter will be in Oliver Twist playing a workhouse boy and Mrs. Bedwin. Her friends are in Anne of Green Gables and the younger kids are doing 100 Dresses. These are all going to be fantastic plays! Thought I would share with you the pictures!

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  1. What delightful photos and you must be looking so forward to going to each of the plays. My two granddaughters both got parts in Alice In Wonderland . . . so I have my airline tickets bought and looking so forward to seeing them :) I think it is great when our young people are interested in things other than social media and videos games. Some children are missing out on real fun.