Thursday, February 2, 2017

Chicken Scratch ~ Playing Catch Up

We had a long week last week...Actually my daughter had some really long hours with tech week for her Peter Pan play, plus three performances. Poor girl was sick the whole time and run down from the long hours. Most of the kids in the troupe dropped like flies too. Once my girl completed the plays...she was pretty much knocked out...She got sicker than she was before with fevers, coughing, aches, and chills. The flu hit her hard! Now our families immunity levels are low...Mr. Darling and I have been fighting the colds. UGGGGHHH...It's been a week of infirmities. Ackkk!

I very much wanted to get started on working in my studio...I got my space all ready, then it hit us...I am now behind on life, laundry, dusting and vacuuming....I managed to get the dishes done! Yay!
It's crazy how much STUFF gets piled up in just a few days...Now I have to play catch up, before I can play in my studio! Boooooo! 

And so, my little studio will have to wait patiently for me!

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