Friday, July 8, 2016


The last two years have been so good for my daughter. Not only good but a blessing. We have been through a lot the last 8 years. Moving from our home in Washington to California so my husband could get his Masters of Divinity degree through Seminary and the moving around. It has been a stressful and sometimes very lonely road. We have met some great people along the way and unfortunately met some not to great people along the way. One thing that made my girl feel grounded, connected and loved was attending a part time Home School classical school where she met some of the sweetest, most genuine group of young ladies who all have a strong faith in the Lord. These girls have been through good times and bad times but always stuck by each other, always lifting each other in prayer, in and spirit. 

When our family was hurting, they were all there to lift my girl up and make things a little easier for her. They threw a party just for her several months ago, they have had her over for sleep overs, written encouraging letters and texts her way. They have included her 

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  1. They all look like sweet girls. I am so happy Bri got to meet them and make memories. Now on to more new friends. She will have no problem in her new life. She is a sweetheart and so beautiful inside and out.