Thursday, July 20, 2017

You Had Me At Chippy

This has been a busy hard month so far getting everything packed an finally acquiring the keys to our new home this week. There were changes I need to make right away before we move this weekend...The kitchen had some really busy blue and white wallpaper...Which is not my style nor my colors. It had to go. Sooooo....My gal friends came over for two days and ripped it all off. I painted the walls, tore of two cupboards and painted the inside milky white. The inside of the cupboards were a really dark kind of blue....Had to go! As soon as we move in I will be painting the blue tile for now until we can afford to get butcher block counters. The light fixture will also be changed out. Whew this has been a lot of work but a labor of love! We are so in love with this house!

I also found this awesome piece for my kitchen wall on a local vintage Facebook page. I am picking it up next week. I won't change a thing about it...It's perfect all chippy with the colors showing through. Especially that red!!! It is gorgeous as well as a great price!!!
Baby you had me at CHIPPY! 

It will be a little quiet over here online since we are making the move this weekend...Hoping to share pictures soon...Plus our son is coming for a visit! Can't wait to see him and celebrate our daughter's 17th candle together!!! See y'all soon!

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  1. Can't wait to see more photos of your new Home!! Your chippy shelf piece is also fantastic! I hope the big move goes well this weekend and as planned. Take care!