Saturday, June 13, 2020

Wedding Day

This is the day my little girl gets married to her best friend!
It was an absolute beautiful wedding! The day was perfect! And Mr. & Mrs. were on cloud nine the whole way through. We have not received any professional photos yet but a delightful video was made by a very talented young man that happens to be Zach's long time friend. So blessed to have the day captured in such an emotional way. Link is on the bottom of this post.

My husband had the honor and privilege to marry them. So blessed that he was able to do that since the horrible scare we had just 8 months ago when my husband almost died of pneumonia. It was an emotional weekend for him but he kept it together as best as he could. His little girl was getting married!!! The day before when we were driving up to the venue he looked over at me and started to cry and he said " She's not coming home!!!" 
And we both balled our eyes out as the realization hit hard that indeed this was it, our girl was getting married and not coming home to live with us anymore.
But, we too are very excited to see this sweet couple grow in their new life as husband and wife. We couldn't ask for a better son in law. He loves and adores our daughter!

One of the happiest days of their lives! AWWWW look at her BIG smile!!

And the sweetest dance with her daddy. Oh my heart!

This day will forever be one of the best days ever!!
May they always be blessed!
will share professional pics. when we can!
Click link below to see the beautiful video of their special wedding day!

Friday, June 12, 2020

The Venue & Rehearsal

The venue was a beautiful setting in the country. Almost everything was set up this night. Again, it was an honor to be able to design the look of the barn for the reception. It looked so pretty in there!

Thursday, June 11, 2020

Girl Stuff For The Wedding

My sweet girl and I went out to get our French manicures done together before the wedding. 

Then us girls went out and bought all the flowers for the table settings, bouquets and boutonni√®res. My dad and step mom flew out a few days before the wedding. My stepmom and I put all the flowers together and she made my daughters wedding bouquet.